Fiverr Pakistan 2022: What is Fiverr and How it Works Best Guide

Fiverr Pakistan - What is Fiverr and How it Works

Fiverr Pakistan is an online marketplace for freelance services where Freelancers showcase their skills and sell them remotely across the globe. Fiverr is a platform where anyone can buy a service within the categories Fiverr is offering from their wallet.


Fiverr is a platform where you can buy or sell digital services online like Graphic Designing, Animations, Digital Marketing, Editing, and much more on a single platform.

This platform is used by more than 3.42 million users each year and continues to increase as the world is moving towards the digital era. And the demand for services increases day by day all over the world and the demand for digital skills increase so approximately 1.2 billion freelancers are available on all platforms providing digital services and more than 2.3 million are on the Fiverr platform.

It’s becoming more popular in Pakistan to make a start as a freelancer because it is easy to use and becoming a freelancer is a hot topic nowadays in Pakistan and Fiverr is the best option newbie can get to provide services. And earn a decent amount and in Pakistan, there are professionals who can earn millions per month depending on the skillsets and demand of the particular skillset. If you are a beginner and want to start making money online without any investment Fiverr Pakistan is the best way you can earn with any skill or knowledge you just need to take a step forward.

This freelance marketplace is great for both buyers and sellers because the platform provides great services and many of them are for low prices.

There are other freelancing platforms that offer the same scenario but for beginners Fiverr is a great choice.

The prices of the services start from as low as 5 US dollars or equivalent to any other currency supported by Fiverr and could range up to thousands of dollars according to the quality and nature of the service.

Fiverr has freelancers all over the world, and anyone can find freelancers from their respective countries too if they want to communicate easily and deeply.

In Pakistan, Fiverr is very well known especially for selling services. Pakistan has great potential in terms of selling freelance services because Pakistan has a huge youth population and they provide great quality work to stand out among the top freelancers within that category.

Fiverr Pakistan has a huge scope for those who want to start their freelance journey as a Seller and want to earn a handsome amount of money for their pockets or to support their family.

Before joining Fiverr from Pakistan, there are some queries that could arise in anyone’s mind.

Is Fiverr allowed in Pakistan?

Yes, Fiverr is allowed and legal in Pakistan as it provides an opportunity for people with great skills which can be sold digitally all across the Globe. Freelancers are working from all corners of Pakistan and earning a handsome amount for them in their skillset and making Pakistan proud.

How can I earn money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

Earning from Fiverr is simple, you get a client, you offer a service and charge accordingly and the client will complete the order and you will get paid in your Fiverr account after deducting 20% of the total fee which is the platform’s fee to provide the environment and make everything possible for you and the buyer.

After getting paid, it will take 14 days for money clearance before coming to your Fiverr account after completing the order. After 14 days Fiverr will release the amount after deducting 20% to your account.

From that point, you can withdraw that earning into your available method of withdrawal.

Fiverr provides 3 ways of withdrawing your earnings.

  1. PayPal Account
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Fiverr Revenue Card
3 fiverr withdrawal methods

For bank transfer, the minimum amount is 20 dollars to proceed with the withdrawal. In the bank transfer, you can attach a Payoneer account, and with that, your bank account will be attached because directly banking systems will not be available and Payoneer will play a role as an agent between your Fiverr account and Bank account.

Can anyone make money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

The answer to this question is Yes if anyone has a skill set to provide as a service. Skill is an option that will allow you to make a profile on Fiverr.

You can outsource work if you don’t have the skill as a person then you can get orders and ask freelancers outside Fiverr and ask them to complete the job for you but that’s not a recommended way to earn from Fiverr. As you see, outsourcing the work perfectly well also requires skill to verify the quality of work because in the long term bad quality of work will affect your Fiverr profile.

Once you get a few amounts of bad reviews, your profile can be compromised and could be de-ranked from a specific position and you might not get that response and boost from Fiverr again.

How can I make money without skills on Fiverr from Pakistan?

There are ways you can earn money without skills on Fiverr from Pakistan, some of them are recommended and some are not a good option especially as a beginner.

The best way is the Fiverr Affiliate program, you can direct new buyers to Fiverr with your link, and when they signup, you will earn a commission whenever they buy any service from Fiverr. This is the best and recommended way to earn from Fiverr from Pakistan without any skill.

The second way is outsourcing the work from outside Fiverr like Facebook groups, LinkedIn, or any other means. As a beginner, you should concentrate on getting a skill and when your Fiverr account gets attention from Fiverr and get a good response, then you can go for outsourcing, but the best way is to learn the skill yourself.

Are Pakistani Freelancers Good?

As you check the previous statistics and the number of freelancers on Fiverr from Pakistan and their levels on Fiverr and their quality of work, you come to a conclusion that Freelancers from Pakistan are good.

It is no doubt that we have some bad ones in every society, but more than average of freelancers are very Good and expert in their Skills. Pakistan ranks in the top 3 lists of best and most freelancers in numbers in 2021.

You can say that Pakistan Ranks #1 across the Globe according to Google and goes parallel with India.

Why is everyone on Fiverr from Pakistan?

Pakistan is a developing country and almost everyone is struggling to earn something for themselves and support families. Most of the population is young and hardworking, and they are eager to learn skills, that’s why you will find most of the freelancers from Pakistan.

Pakistan has talent and that talent needs exposure, and to get that exposure they offer their services to gain exposure and money respectively.

How can I get paid from Fiverr from Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the best and most used method to get payment from Fiverr is to use a bank transfer.

To use a Bank transfer, you must have a Payoneer account which will serve as the middleman between your bank account and Fiverr. The money will move to Payoneer and then from Payoneer, you can withdraw them in the bank, and you can also connect Jazz cash with Payoneer, and with one tap you can money in your jazz cash account.

Is Fiverr available in Pakistan?

Yes, it’s available in Pakistan and all across the world. Fiverr is a marketplace where Skills are sold to buyers from the sellers for as low as $5.

How can I earn money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

Earning from Fiverr in Pakistan is simple. You must have a skill that you will offer to earn and you must have a Fiverr seller account. After completing some orders you will be able to withdraw that earned money with the help of Payoneer to your bank account.

What is Fiverr Pakistan?

Fiverr Pakistan is the online marketplace for businesses and sellers.

Is Fiverr free to join?

Yes, Fiverr is free to join. Sellers won’t have to pay any fee to get registered, when you complete an order, Fiverr will deduct a 20% fee from the total order value as a service fee.


Fiverr Pakistan is a great opportunity for new freelancers who hold any skill and want to earn money for themselves, then they must give a try to Fiverr in the beginning and after that, they can move to other platforms like Up Work,, PeoplePerHour, and many more.

When working on Fiverr please make sure that you make the best fiverr gig image and write perfect fiverr gig description.

To know more about how Fiverr deeply works, please Contact Us.

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