Top 17 Tricks to Rank Fiverr Gigs on First Page in 2022

Tricks to rank Fiverr gigs on First Page

As a marketplace, Fiverr has huge competition. To grow your business your Gig must appear on the first page. Follow these 17 Tricks to rank Fiverr gigs on First Page.

Tricks to rank Fiverr gigs on First Page
Tricks to rank Fiverr gigs on First Page

The gigs on the front page of the search are getting huge numbers of orders daily.

So, the question is how to get your aim for keywords or public services to rank on Fiverr search because millions of gigs or service providers are already there.

Many people believe that making a lot of money at Fiverr, a place to sell customer service at the lowest possible price of $ 5, just brings luck.

We all face the most widespread problem: we don’t know how to make SEO-friendly title descriptions.

On this site, we will completely explain Fiverr gig ranking techniques as new sellers; thus, read out the complete article carefully and follow procedures of Fiverr gig ranking.

Now, we decided to share our hidden secret tips with new sellers.

Get your first order ASAP

If you want to earn buyers’ trust, you must first get more customers to book your show through reviews.


The first step to getting your first order on Fiverr is, of course, to use good, non-competitive keywords, to describe your service well, and to have an attractive thumbnail. Here are the steps to improve performance on Fiverr.


If impressions and clicks happen, you can skip this part. But if it doesn’t, you can create a concert, but check if there’s a problem with the content. The best way to make sure you’re using the best content for your gig is to search for keywords.

Whether you offer web development or call it Fiverr live shows, if you search for “Fiverr shows” on Fiverr and then look at the results page, you’ll see that there are keyword options. Keywords for our gig/niche.

SEO Title

We see people ignoring very important SEO headings in your speeches. This is the most important thing for concerts to get into search results. So, you should use an SEO title that includes your keywords and well defines your service.

Template of email

Now that your email is ready, you need to create an email template. Take a look at the picture below to see an example of a good template.

Do Proper On-Page SEO of your Gig

When buyers search Fiverr for information about a particular service, the results include thousands of gigabytes of sellers, but the sellers on the first page are more likely than others. 

This is where Fiverr SEO plays an important role for sellers. If you’re planning to make a gig and want to be on the front page of Fiverr, you’ll need to do some proper research before entering the big market where thousands of sellers sell their services. 

Many sellers are already on the front page, but are you thinking about how you can rank them? 

Don’t think about it, as we’re going to discuss first-page ranking tips on applying your SEO strategy on Fiverr.

Add keywords to the Main Title 

Even just one keyword in the concert title can increase the ranking of your concert.

How to find the right keywords? 

You can find the exact keywords for your show using search terms that buyers can use when looking for services. 

 For example, if you sell WordPress fixing services, a search for “Fix WordPress” will start to show you a lot of keywords. Try adding keywords to your tags. For example: “Fix WordPress”, “WordPress”, “Settings”, “Fix”, “Fix WordPress Issues”. 

How to find the right keywords
How to find the right keywords?

 You can use any combination of the above keywords. For example, “WordPress” and “Settings” can configure “WordPress Settings,” so your performance may appear on the front page when someone searches for it.

Create a trusted client 

As more customers trust you, they will never refuse to cooperate again. You can also contact them later and ask if they still have work to do. You will be able to maintain your rating, and your cash flow will be consistent. 

When dealing with buyers, you need to make sure the price is good and focus on the buyer’s satisfaction. Feel free to edit.

Increase your conversion rate 

Your conversion rate means how many new customers come to you and end up ordering with you. You need to communicate better. A high conversion rate also helps your show rank higher in search results. 

Since Fiverr knows that you work every day and provide benefits to their platform, they will start to benefit you. 

To check your conversion rate, you usually need to install the Fiverr app, and you can see your conversion rate as a percentage on the main page.

The average selling price should be good 

Average Selling Rate is the average revenue earned by placing orders on Fiverr. If almost all orders are consistently over $50 (without interim orders of $5 or $10), then your average selling rate will soon be $50.

Fiverr search will show buyers’ concerts by budget, so if a buyer chooses a budget, your concerts will be shown because the average sales match their budget.

This means that the higher the average sales rate, the more cash you have.

This is something to focus on from the start when you first start selling because it becomes difficult to change the average sales percentage when you have around 1000 orders and AVG.

The selling price is about $15$20. Personally, I prefer what I call the “order-to-return ratio .”In other words, you order less but earn more.

I made $2,000 on 70 reviews. Setting goals like this for yourself will help you better understand and master the Fiverr search algorithm.

Stay online 24/7 

You must always be online for your gig to appear, even if a buyer selects “active seller” in their search. 

If you want to be always online, install the Fiverr app on your phone and stay online all the time. 

Much better if you use a laptop to stay active, but make sure you’re always connected to the internet. Using a laptop or mobile for work feels more professional.

Become a higher-level seller 

All Fiverr seller levels will help you promote your gig. Initially, you will be a new seller. It is important to earn a total of $400 to become a Tier 1 seller.

To become a Tier 2 seller, you must have a net income of $2,000. If you do everything right, it usually takes 1-2 months to become a Tier 1 salesperson and about 4-5 months to become a Tier 2 salesperson.

But it depends on your niche and how much you earn.

Promote the show on social media 

There are times when Fiverr sales go too low. It is Because Fiverr wants you to spread the word., They want you to promote your service on social media. Just share in your account. 

Your first priority is to join a group dedicated to sharing with your niche. 

You can also help people anywhere on the internet and give you a Fiverr Gig URL so you can order if you want to pay.

Create multiple gigs in the same category 

In order to increase your chances of getting a job, you can have multiple performances in the same category in different subcategories. Example: WordPress allows you to do two things: “Fix bugs” and “Optimize WordPress speed.”

General order fulfilment 

Get new orders every day, not every week. It may take a while to get your orders every day at first, but you’ll find good customers who take orders every day. 

Professional Suggestions 

Contact previous buyers to see if they have new work and get new orders more often. This tip can help you rank your Fiverr gigs if you do everything as described.

Don’t forget to check out Fiverr’s 5 Steps to Getting Started Freelancer. Make sure you don’t miss anything in this series of posts featuring Fiverr guides to help you increase your sales! 

Mistakes I made when ranking my gigs on Fiverr 

And you must avoid them! 

  1. When creating a gig for the first time, be sure to add the name of the gig correctly. Otherwise, the URL will be different. 
  2. After creating a concert, do not edit the concert name. 
  3. Do not constantly change the performance image. 
  4. Do everything perfectly in one go. We recommend that you first gain the knowledge and then immediately implement it. (I haven’t tried it myself) Don’t ask for reviews! 
  5. Don’t use the Fiverr app often. Some features have not been added yet.

Conclusion Note:

As Fiverr is a great opportunity to make easy money but it requires effort in the beginning. If you manage to cross that stage, your future as a freelancer on Fiverr will shine.

To grow your business your Gig must appear on the first page. Follow these 10 Tricks to rank Fiverr gigs on First Page.

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