Top 10 Best Freelance Websites/Platforms [2022]

top 10 best freelancing websites 2022

There are more than 1.2 Billion Freelancers worldwide selling tons of different Digital Services, including Teaching, Marketing, Development, Designing, and more than you can even imagine.

All that is happening just because of Computers and Electronic Devices supporting mankind Digitally and more effectively.

And it has become the easiest way to solve any kind of Digital problem even though there are some funny services one can never expect to find on a Freelancing platform.

funny service on fiverr
funny service on Fiverr

As you see, there is nothing you cannot sell on Freelancing Platforms.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of freelancers has fallen over the world increased to double, and most of the businesses are digitalized, and so far, the demand for freelancing services increased as well.

From a small store to Multinational Companies every Individual or an Industry needs some kind of service to enhance the businesses or what so ever.

There are hundreds of Freelancing websites to begin with but the top 10 best freelancing websites for you in 2022 for the Beginners to Advanced.

If you are new to Freelancing and looking for the best opportunity to begin with, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be showing you the Top 10 Freelancing websites for Beginners to Advance in 2022.

Top 10 Best Freelance Websites in 2022

Among the top best freelancing websites, the following are the best and easy to work with the 10 best freelance websites for beginners in 2022.

#1: homepage homepage

Fiverr is the Freelance Interacting platform for both Buyers and sellers where Sellers displays their services and portfolios in the form of GIGS and Buyer looks for the required Digital services such as Logo Designing, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, and so many more and find the relevant GIG to place the order.

And Contact the Seller but keep in mind that you cannot offer the buyer or seller to contact outside Fiverr Platform; otherwise, your account will be blocked and Disabled permanently.

Fiverr works as a 3rd person in which when the order is placed, Fiverr takes the Payment from the buyer and hold it until the order is marked as complete, and after completion, the Payment enters the clearance phase, which takes about 14 Days to clear Payment but in a Top-Rated Sellers accounts, the Clearance process reduces to 7 Days

Fiverr is also known as one of the top 10 graphic design freelance websites. And it holds the position in the 10 best freelance websites in 2022.

The Fiverr Payment withdrawal can be made through following ways:

  • Bank transfer through Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Fiverr Revenue Card

Level to Start: Beginners

Freelancing Category: All


  • It is the Easiest Platform to begin with.
  • An abundance of buyers on Fiverr
  • No Joining or Registration Fee
  • Fiverr Recommended Free and Paid Courses


  • 14 Days Payment clearing process for No Level, Level 1, and Level 2 Sellers
  • 20% Payment Deduction on Order Completion
  • $3 Deduction on Withdrawal
  • Restricted Rules

#2: homepage homepage

To begin selling on UpWork, you will need to create a Seller profile that should have all your details about your expertise, your skills, your portfolio, and you can join as an Individual and an Enterprise. You must ensure that your Skillset is perfect for the offered Job before bidding; otherwise, your bid will be rejected if the client does not find you enough Qualified.

Upwork has rank scaling, which will increase when you work more, and the service charges will be reduced accordingly through the scaling system.

Upwork Payment withdrawals can be made through several ways such as;

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

Upwork is an open platform where Individuals or Companies post the Jobs Requirements, and Candidates or Sellers apply for the position in the form of bidding along with the Portfolio and Expertise Description, and one of many candidates are selected given a job. Job could be Long term Short term or just Period based.

Upwork provides you with vast fields to work on like Designing, Development, Marketing, FBA, and many more.

Hire Freelancers and clients can build connections through various ways such as;

  • Through Posting Job/ Bidding Process
  • Buying services through project Catalog
  • Service Providers can also offer Services and Fee on Job Board

Level to Start: Intermediate and Advanced

Freelancing Category: Web Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and many more.


  • UpWork Provides Payment security
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Long term Projects with Companies
  • Higher Budgeted Projects


  • Complicated and Complex Selection Procedure
  • High Service Charges
  • Bidding Procedure
  • Not for Beginners

#3: homepage homepage is a freelancing service prodder website where you can get highly professional and expert freelancers from Enterprises. It consists of a broad category of freelancers for Development, Designing, and Management.

As an applicant, you need to pass 5 step Screening processes such as English Comprehensive Test, Project Assessment Test, and more.

Only the top 3% of the freelances can make it to the

After passing 5 tests, you will be revealed to the various job opportunities from high-end clients and companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and many more.

However, if you fail to clear the testing process, your application will be on hold for several months.

Toptal users use TopTracker for Duration Tracking as well as invoicing processes without any payment deduction or service charges.

Toptal Payments Withdrawal can be made through the following methods;

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

Level to Start: Expert and Advance

Freelancing Category: Software Development, Business Management, Creation Categories and more.


  • Chances of collaboration with Multinational Companies
  • Experts and Professionals
  • No Payment deduction


  • Large Scale projects only
  • Complex Tasks
  • No space for Beginners and Intermediates

#4: homepage homepage has a broad range of Professionals and experts providing services worldwide. Clients have a variety of options to start working with. is a well-known Freelancing website for freelancing services where experts and high-end companies collaborate on different projects.

You can either create an account ton freelancer .com as a freelancer or the business owner as a freelancer. You will have to fill the fields in the registration form with all the required details such as your Skillset, Education, and experience. also offers different contests to freelancers as a benefit to win and earn money and reviews on the profile. does not deduct your Payment after Project Completion. However, it deducts 10$ of your earnings from contests and fixed budget projects. Payment can be withdrawn through;

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

Level to Start: Expert and Advance

Freelancing Category: Content Writing, Web App Development, Digital Marketing, and many more.


  • Progress tracking of a project
  • Active Support
  • Live Chat Communicators


  • Do not have User-friendly Interface
  • Complex
  • Spammers
  • Fraud Clients

#5: homepage homepage is a flexible freelancing website as well as it offers Full-time Remote jobs.

On, you can find a part-time job and have the opportunity to have a full-time job on a work-from-home basis. On Flex, you can get jobs of limited categories, but they are authentic.

You can get the Job related to Education needs, Training, and project-based witting or IT-related jobs. verifies the legitimacy of the Job enlisted on the website. And disable the scam job offers from the platform. And does not display or promote Ads on the platform.

If you want to join, you need to sign up and buy a subscription for a minimum of 1 Week for $9.95, and more plans can also be seen on the platform. subscription subscription

Every Subscription enables you to reach all the job listings as well, as it offers you a Portfolio, Success Advice, and the opportunity to test your skills.

Subscriptions can be paid through;

  • Prepaid Card
  • PayPal also offers you a Full Refund Guarantee for 30 Days.

Level to Start: Intermediate and Advanced

Freelancing Category: Content Writing, Marketing, Computer and IT and more.


  • Scam protected
  • Money-Back Guarantee on 30 Days Experience
  • Active Support
  • More Reliable
  • Top End Companies Collaboration


  • You need to pay for a subscription every month.
  • Other free platforms have more clients.

#6: homepage homepage is a freelance website where individual or companies posts jobs without any subscription. It also picks job opportunities from other platforms. is a User-friendly website and is easy to use.

You will get tons of jobs as a freelancer in multiple categories such as Data Entry, Resume Designing, or Marketing.

You can find Jobs of any category by searching a related keyword such as Facebook Marketing or whatsoever. And it can be narrowed down further.

Freelancers/Full-time job seekers can also access the company’s portfolio on their website and also collect details regarding the Salary, Benefits, and career opportunities.

You can hover through all the job opportunities without even signing up. And allows you to use the tools like Resume Designer for free.

Level to Start: Beginner and Intermediate

Freelancing Category: HR, Data Entry, Resume Creator, Finance and Accounting and more.


  • Free Tools
  • Accurate Guidance
  • Active Email Alerts


  • Spammed with inconsequent third party website
  • Fake Job Offers collected from the Internet

#7: Homepage Homepage is a freelancing platform working with tons of companies all across the world. Clients can get Professions and experts for the related jobs easily. makes it easier for freelancers to scroll through multiple job options and apply for Jobs along with the portfolio to show expertise in the field to the clients.

You can start being Guru by signing up on the platform, explaining your Skillset, and building a profile. An automated system will assign the related jobs for your skills and experience.

After building a profile, you will have to Bid for the related project according to your expertise.

Following are the methods to withdraw your payments;

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer gives payment security through SafePay to ensure the seller gets paid on time.

However, you can continue with the Free Standard membership, or else you can get a premium membership offering free tools and make your profile more visible.

Level to Start: Beginner and Advanced

Freelancing Category: Software Development, Graphic Designing, Content Writing and Translation


  • Free Subscription as Standard
  • Secure Payments
  • Custom Job listing


  • Scammers
  • Fake clients
  • Frauds
  • Bidding Process

#8: Homepage Homepage

LinkedIn is a well-known platform by job providers and job seekers for searching for jobs of any category on this social platform.

Most of the professionals and companies are using for communications purposes and for seeking Job Candidates.

It is very easy to Sign up to the platform, create a profile and enter every Information about your Skills, Expertise, and Work Experience, and more Information leads you to the perfect job opportunities as per your skills.

You can also post your work which will give you more exposure to the skill seekers. If you have expertise in Graphic Designing, you can post your work there to show the audience about your working details. And this profile will work as a portfolio as well.

Skill Seekers may find your profile by your posts and make a job offer.

You can find a good freelancing job while scrolling over the Job’s dashboard, which may lead you to a good opportunity.

Also, you can use skill-related keywords to get the latest jobs updates.

Level to Start: Beginner and Advanced

Freelancing Category: All kinds of Jobs including Full-time Jobs


  • Broad Network
  • Latest Job Opportunity Updates
  • Efficient and Reliable


  • Spam Content

#9: Homepage Homepage is a unique freelance website basically related to the people interested in Designing and Creation.

The audience is very large, so peoples use to build a portfolio related to graphics, Animation, or Photography to expose their creativity to the world. provides you a space to get discovered by millions of Seekers to show them creativity just by creating and establishing your profile.

As it is a Social networking platform, you can follow your competitors, and their work will appear in your feeds as well. It gives you more chances to get discovered as a freelancer. also provides a job listing facility. So all the freelancers get recommended job opportunities according to their Skills and Experience, which makes it easier for a freelancer to find a relevant job.

Level to Start: Intermediate and Advanced

Freelancing Category: Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Animations


  • Large and Valid Audience
  • More Opportunities
  • Customized Content
  • Best for Graphic Designers


  • Higher Competition
  • Limited Size Image

10. Homepage is a freelance platform that offers freelancers to get paid on an hourly basis and business owners to find a perfect candidate for the job.

On, millions of freelancers are providing services of different categories such as UI/UX designing, Graphics, Digital marketing, and much more. allows you to create a free account on the platform where each application is reviewed by a mediator, and after that, you get approval to provide services and browse the jobs on PPH.

Once your account is approved, you can bid on the project related to your Skillset, and you are allowed to send what you are offering and the price.

After that, your proposal will be accepted or rejected by the client, depending upon your proposal.

And as a service fee, charges you 20% of $350, and eventually, it decreases as you work more on the platform.

Level to Start: Intermediate and Advanced

Freelancing Category: Android App Development, Digital Marketing, 3D Designing


  • Automated Payment checkout
  • Location-Based
  • Secure Freelancer Rights


  • Bidding process
  • Only 15 Free Bids per month


So in this article, you saw the top 10 best freelancing websites in the world to start working on in 2022.

Finding the best for you needs to be simple as all the details are already mentioned in the article. So if you have the skill and you want to make money online, these websites could bring opportunities for you in 2022.

So before getting started, make sure about the Working Policies of each website, including the Methods they pay, Withdrawal Systems Available, and most importantly, Service fee Charges.

Those freelancers who are looking for jobs like Web Development, Social media Marketing and Management or Consultations Job you need to consider these websites;

Those freelancers who are looking for Designing, Writing, Creation or Marketing Jobs as a beginner or Intermediate you can consider the following Platforms, to begin with;

And if you are a professional and expert in your field, then you can also consider working on;

These are the top 10 best freelance websites for beginners in 2022.

Want to learn how to start freelancing on Fiverr, please visit Enlightmenow.

We wish you very Good Luck in finding the best platform and success this year 2022.

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