How to learn logo design in 2022 (Best Complete Beginner Guide)


Logo Designing is an outstanding and most demanding skill out there in the Graphics Designing niche. When we hear the word graphics design, Logo Design comes straight into our mind. It is one of the most money-making niches to work in and very interesting as well.

I must say that you are a beginner and looking for a complete way to become a logo designer. This article will guide you on How to learn logo design in 2022 There are plenty of ways to become a Logo design expert including a College Degree, some Design universities, Academies, online tutorials, Courses, and many more you can count.

But here we are going to discuss the ones that are absolutely free and worth following as well.

We will look at some best YouTube channels because it is the most important place to learn about anything that is out there as a skill. So let’s dive into a complete guide to becoming a Logo Designer from Scratch.

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What is logo design?

Logo Design is the visual identity of a brand that represents a brand. A brand can be any product-making company like Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Mercedes, and every other company.

You might have noticed that wherever we go and whatever we carry, it has branding on it, a logo that is the pictorial representation of that brand.

Basics of Learning a Design Skill

To learn any design skill, first, you should be motivated about it and know the roadmap of how you can learn that skill within a time frame. It is very important to be crystal clear with your Goals, here it is to be a Logo Designer. 

Start researching how to be an expert logo designer, watch other successful designers’ journeys, and find out how they started and how they made it through their journey.

The reason to watch a successful designer is that you will know something which might lead you to a distraction during your journey as a beginner, it can save your time, and maybe you can get a clear way of learning from scratch. 

There are plenty of books available by famous designers in which they share their complete journey.

Self-study vs. Design School

Here is the most important aspect to discuss whether you should join a Design school or do self-learning. I must say that you should start with self-study, the benefit of doing self-study will save a lot of time when you join a Design school. 

We will discuss why you should join a design school while there is everything available out there in the market.

The answer is, In self-learning, we sometimes miss a point and consider it a time-wasting factor or find it boring so we skip that. But maybe that point could be a crucial step while making our journey.

You can learn almost anything from Youtube or other courses, but you will not find a hands-on approach that is provided in the design school. The design school has an environment that is good while learning the skill. Environment boosts mood, and in return, we study more.

Which Software should I learn first for Logo Designing?

For beginners, Adobe illustrator is highly recommended as it is very user-friendly and mostly used in the Design industry. You will find millions of assets, tutorials, and courses for this software.

Every beginner needs to master Adobe illustrator, especially the pen tool which has much use in Logo design.

Where do I learn to make stunning Logo?

There is a lot to discuss about where to learn Logo Designing. I must say you should go with your language instructor first. We will take English as an example because it is the Global language that is used by every platform.

Starting with the free resources, I would recommend some great youtube channels from which you can get the idea of How logo Designing works and could be learned.

Here is the list.

Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics is one of the most valuable sources to learn Logo design. From aesthetics to tips and tricks, shortcuts to mastery, he covers everything on his channel. 

You can boost your skills in graphic design by making great use of the valuable content here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner designer or a more seasoned graphic designer, you can find something useful here for sure. There are awesome tutorials on graphic design theory, poster designing, logo designing, brand identity, and much much more. If you want to excel as a designer, subscribe to this channel for Illustrator and Adobe tutorials, as well as all of the graphic design content you can need.


Creatnprocess channel is the greatest source for high-quality training on Illustrator, Photoshop, and After effects. The Creative Training Resources include Graphic Design, Print Design, Logo Design, Motion Design, Animation, and much more! No matter what type of lesson you’re looking to learn, you will find it here! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming Episodes from this channel. 


There is not much to say about dansky, but visit his channel and you will find out why I don’t have much to say. Incredible stuff for Graphics designing on his channel including the use of most of the famous adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, and more. 


This one is different. On this channel, you will learn how to make shapes on illustrator from a sketch or drawing and much more. You will find stuff from Photoshop, tips and tricks, shortcuts, and much more.

Muhammad Achraf

This antique is whole about logo design and the logo design process. Muhammad Achraf is from Tunisia and is very well known for logo designing on YouTube. He explains the process of making an idea and transforming it into a Logo, and shares tutorials about different Brands and niches. Do visit his channel.

Things to focus on while learning

In logo design, everything is important but one thing I want to mention is Pen Tool. The pen tool is the backbone tool of Adobe Illustrator. With that, you can make any kind of shape or alter any shape.

Master every tool in adobe illustrator, and do practice every day to build your muscle and design memory.

learn logo design
Master these tools to learn logo design

Best practices

After learning the tools in Adobe Illustrator or any other logo designing tool, your aim should be at improving and refining your skill. The smoother your flow is, the better the design will be.

Designers suggest that you should become a copycat in the beginning and follow your favorite designer. In this way, you will stay motivated and you will follow your ideal designer and create their designs.

I suggest that you should copy all those designs which impress you on the internet. The point is that you will be able to know how to draw shapes and curves and add or remove anchor points. But keep in mind that don’t sell something which you have created by copying other fellow designers.

After learning, it’s time to build your portfolio. A portfolio is a kind of CV that defines and showcases your skill. In your portfolio, you can show your designs, ideas, research, and anything you have done.

Now the question arises How to make my portfolio? Below is the Answer.

How to Build my Portfolio?

There are many ways you can build your portfolio. The best and recommended are Behance and Dribble, but that’s not it. There are plenty of others on which you can showcase your designs.

For beginners, I would recommend that you should use Social Media as a portfolio like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Linkedin. The reason for making a page on social media is because of its reach and active users per month.


To be better at Logo design, always practice as much as you can. Look for fellow designers, get some inspiration, try their designs, make a new version of those, and share with them. Make a community and make your online presence. It will help you start a good journey when you will make your design business. Good Luck.

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