How to Send Winning Buyer Request and Custom Offer on Fiverr 2022

How to Send Winning Buyer Request and Custom Offer on Fiverr 2022

How to Send Buyer Request and Custom Offer on Fiverr: Buyer requests are requests that buyers submit when they need something to buy and are short on time. This is made to save buyers’ time so that Sellers receive their requests in their buyer requests section and send their offers against the Buyer’s need.

Buyer requests are a section that is available to sellers within a specific category of skills like graphics designing. The Seller will only see buyer requests related to that Graphics designing niche and can apply with their quote to that request, and the Buyer has the option which one to accept because multiple requests will be sent against their submission.


Let’s learn how Fiverr works. Fiverr is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet and exchange services with money. Sellers sell their skills to earn as low as 5$ for a Gig or a package in a gig.

Sellers are freelancers all across the globe who work with their skills and offer value to clients on Fiverr all over the world and earn revenue. There is no limit to the question of how much money can you make on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a reliable and smooth platform and the best place for beginners who just learned skills and now want to offer that Skill and earn.

Learn more about what Fiverr is and how it works.

What is Buyer Request on Fiverr? Buyer’s request is a section on Fiverr where buyers post a request for a job, and the sellers in that category submit offers to that request. This section starts with buyers when they post their work and will be available in the buyer request section in the Seller’s profile.

Multiple buyer requests in buyer request section
Buyer Requests

This is a great way to speed up the process for buyers to search for a freelancer first and discuss everything and then proceed. This is a lengthy task if the Buyer is short on time. The best practice for the Buyer will be to post a buyer request, and the freelancers within that category will see their submission and submit their Offer.

This process is simple and takes less amount of effort from the Buyer. On the other hand, the Buyer receives multiple requests from multiple sellers and finds various options.

How many buyer requests can you send on Fiverr?

For beginner sellers on Fiverr, they will get 10 offers to submit for any buyer request, which means that they will see multiple requests, but they can only send 10 offers a day. The number of submissions will be refreshed after 24 hours, whether they use it or not.

Buyer requests are free and cost no additional fee to the sellers, so it is a great way to boost your sales by submitting offers to that requests.

But the main thing here is how do you post a request? Because it really matters how you send an offer, whether it is descriptive, clear, attractive, and you sound well experienced and confident or not. So it is crucial to learn how to send an offer to Buyer request on Fiverr.

How to respond to buyer requests on Fiverr?

Buyer Request sample
with Reply #1
Buyer Request sample
with Reply #1

It is straightforward how to respond when you find a buyer request in your profile. When you see a buyer request, read and understand it carefully and know what the Buyer wants. Try to pick their Pain point, and then you are good to go and hit them with an attractive solution that will illustrate how you will solve their problem.

To respond to a buyer request, hover over the buyer request, and you will see a Green Button labelled as Send Offer; click that, and you will be directed to send a custom offer.

send offer
Send offer button

Steps to Send a Fiverr Buyer Request from Desktop

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to send a buyer request on Fiverr from your Computer or Web in 2022.

1. Go to and Log In to your account as a Seller.

2. Click on More -> Click on Buyer Requests.

3. After clicking on Buyer Requests, you will see the available list of Buyer Requests related to your Skill. Hover over the requests and first read them and understand them carefully.

4. After understanding the request you want to apply for, you will see a green Button Labeled Send Offer. Click that button.

5. A new Custom offer Pop-up will open.

6. You will be asked to select a Gig that you want to attach to the Offer you send. (TIP: Choose the best attractive and optimized Gig that matches precisely or closely relates to Job that the Buyer has posted.)

7. After selecting the Gig, you will be asked to fill in all the other options which come under your Offer.

8. First, you have to explain what you are offering in this Customer offer to the buyer Request in Describe Your Offer box; try to provide complete detail so that the Buyer will be crystal clear what they will get and why you are the perfect fit for their Job.

9. Down the box, you will have to fill all other boxes like Delivery time, Price of the Offer, Revisions you offer, and further gig details.

10. Once you fill in all the details, click on Submit Offer.

11. Congratulations! You have successfully sent a buyer request from Desktop.

Steps to Send a Fiverr Buyer Request from Mobile

1. Download the Fiverr Official app from your mobile app store.

2. log in to your Fiverr account in the app.

3. You will be logged in as a Buyer. Click on the profile icon, and on top, you will find the button to switch between Buyer and seller mode.

4. Click that and enable seller mode.

5. After enabling Seller mode, the second option you will see will be Buyer requests. Tap to open it.

6. You will find different Buyer requests. Select any offer and select Send Offer button, and select the Gig for the Offer.

7. Fill in all the details like Delivery time, Offer Price, Revisions, and click Send Offer.

8. Congratulations! You have sent an offer to the Buyer.

9. You can swipe right to see the next Offer and do the same if you apply.

10. That’s it.

A custom offer is something in which you can decide custom prices, revisions, delivery time, and all the points available in your gig package.

What is a Custom Offer on Fiverr?

What is custom offer on fiverr?
Custom Offer Section

Fiverr provides Seller a great option/opportunity to Create Custom Packages specific for a Buyer based on the custom requests of the Buyer.

It is a great option to expand the business and provide extra services or upsell any service which can be compulsory with the existing service you offered to the Buyer.

custom offer is an option like a Gig package where a seller can offer something more or less as described in the Gig packages. This can be the delivery time, revisions, prices, or any other thing provided.

You can send a custom message when you select a matching gig to that buyer request and describe in detail what you will offer in that Offer in the box next to the Gig you set.

Fill the complete custom request form with all the requisites, whether you need anything, any detail from the Buyer, to proceed with the order. You can do this later too, when the Buyer responds to your request and want to know more.

When the Buyer responds, a conversation will be started in the Fiverr inbox where the Seller and Buyer can communicate. Fiverr’s inbox is a great place to stay in touch with the Buyer, but there are some policies that both must know while sharing.

These policies are rigorous, especially for Sellers. Breaching those policies may get the Seller’s account permanently disabled by Fiverr, so it is highly recommended that the Seller’s must-read Fiverr’s policies first to have a smooth experience.

Why are there no buyer requests on Fiverr?

There are several reasons for not having any buyer requests in the request section. This depends upon the Skill you choose, the seller level you have, and the Buyer’s intent to submit a request or directly contact a freelance seller.

Wrong Service Category Selection

The buyer requests appear according to the service you choose to sell. If it is highly demanding, you may get many requests like hundreds and the same case for the service, which may be expensive but has low demand. If you choose “articles & blog posts” under the main category “writing and translation.” You will receive the Buyer’s requests for writing articles or blog posts.

Seller level Demotion

The second reason can be the level you are at. If you are an absolute beginner as a seller on Fiverr, you will not get any buyer requests until a couple of months and the category you had. The other reason is demotion if you are demoted from a higher level to a lower level. After this, you will find your buyer request section empty or with limited requests.

The Buyer didn’t Opt for Buyer Requests.

 The third and most important reason is whether no buyer has requested any Job related to your category. Because people prefer finding a Reputed Seller first and then discussing their work. But most are the chances are you see a request when there is an emergency, and the Buyer needs urgent submission, or their Seller is busy. There can be multiple reasons to make them post in buyer requests.

Where to find buyer requests on Fiverr?

Finding buyer requests is very simple. The option is available on both Desktop and mobiles, and you can easily find them. Let’s go one by one.

On Computer or Laptop

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to and log in with your email or username and password.
  3. Click on profile, and on top, you find different options like the dashboard, inbox.
  4. On the right, click on more, and in the drop-down, you will find the buyer request.
  5. Click on the request and send an Offer.
  6. That’s it!
buyer request section on mobile
Buyer Request on PC or Laptop

On Mobile

  1. Download Fiverr app
  2. Login to the Fiverr app with your Fiverr account.
  3. Enable seller mode.
  4. The second option in the menu will be the Buyer request option.
  5. Tap and see the requests to send the Offer.
  6. That’s it.
Buyer request section on Mobile
Buyer Request on Mobile

What is a buyer request?

buyer request sample

The Buyer Requests section is reserved for buyers who want to make purchases. Sellers are not allowed to use this section to promote their Gigs (doing so may lead to an account warning). This also means the wording used should clearly show that you are a Buyer asking for services.

How do I send a custom offer on Fiverr?

1. Log in > Click Messages > Inbox > See All in Inbox.
2. Open an Inbox message conversation > Click Create an Offer.
3. Select a Gig > Choose an order type: Single payment. …
4. Select a Package > Select > Your template is filled with existing package details. Customize per the buyer’s requests. …
5. Click Send Offer.
6. Your request is sent successfully.

How do I send a good buyer request on Fiverr?

There are 8 Tips to write a winning Fiverr Buyer Request.
1. Understand the Job offer completely.
2. Make for the best bidding price.
3. Write a detailed and clear description.
4. Maintain a professional and business-friendly tone.
5. Mention the needs of the buyer (Their pain points).
6. Ask questions(when necessary).
7. Let them know about your expertise briefly.
8. Write How you’ll solve their problem.

Buyer Request Templates

Template#1 with the sample:

Sample 1 for Facebook ads
Sample 1 for Facebook ads

Template#2 with the sample:

Template#2 with the sample:
Template#2 with the sample:


Buyer Request is an excellent option for sellers to boost business and get those extra orders, but it is not a good option if you only rely on buyer requests. You get 10 offers; use them wisely, but this should not be your priority to boost sales. To get more orders, work on your Gig Images and Gig Description because that is the central part of a Gig and the reason for getting many orders.

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