How to add a portfolio to Fiverr (as a Beginner)

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Being a new Freelancer in any niche, you must think that if a client asked you for previous work, what would you tell them or show them? 

There must be some questions rising in your mind about the portfolio, that How to add a portfolio to Fiverr as a beginner as I don’t see any specific Upload a portfolio option. Don’t get distracted.

Here comes the portfolio. A portfolio is a document, a CV, a PDF, a Video, a website, or any means that help you show your previous work to someone like a client.

A portfolio contains all of the previous work that you can show to someone and get appreciation or work in the form of a project and order

Now you know what is a portfolio, let’s look at its types, importance, how you can create one, and much more.

What is meant by portfolio?

There are different meanings of the portfolio in all industries but here we are going to talk about something that you can use in your freelancing career. If you keep up your portfolio, it will do work for you and you have to talk less to the clients and new customers. 

It is recommended that you keep focusing on the Portfolio while learning a skill. Our main choice here is Fiverr, you can take Upwork, Freelancer, or any other platform. A portfolio holds the same meaning.

Types of Portfolios on Fiverr

There are various options for the portfolio on Fiverr, some are available to everyone and some are available to only Pro Sellers or Top Rated Sellers like a Studio. We are going to talk about those that are available to all the sellers.

1. PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document format. It is a document form that is shareable on many platforms. It can have your documents, your work samples, images, and logos in different forms like document form, image form, and many more.

how to add a portfolio to fiverr

Fiverr provides an option to share a PDF with every seller when they sign-up on the platform.

By default, you can add up to 3 images as your Portfolio for the Gig but if you want to show more samples to the buyer, you can add all your designs in a PDF and attach it to your gig gallery.

You can also read their complete guide about uploading a pdf.

2. A Gig Video

Gig Video is a form of a portfolio that has motion or animation in it. It could be a slide show, or yourself explaining your service, or any other style you prefer. Video is more engaging than a PDF but it’s your choice to have a PDF if you are not enough confident to upload a video.

3. Fiverr Gig Images

Fiverr Gig images can also be used as a portfolio if you edit your images in that way. You must be familiar with the Gig images in the Gallery option.

4. Fiverr Clients Reviews and their Work Sample

This option comes in handy when you do some orders and clients leave a good review of the work you are done with it. This will be displayed with your gig images when a buyer visits your gig.

5. Your Personal Website

Having a website as a portfolio is the best professional way. You can add much more to the website, add a different kinds of media to it, and especially it is the perfect option for design-related services. But it’s up to you how you use this great option. And this option is recommended by the Enlightmenow team.

6. Behance


Behance is a platform by Adobe to upload work as a portfolio. It is a place to show your work to different people that visit the website. The cool thing about using Behance as a portfolio is, it has huge traffic about 42.10 Million according to SimilarWeb on October 2022.

7. Dribble 


Dribble is home to the world’s best design and creative professionals. Millions of designers and agencies around the world showcase their portfolio work on Dribbble. It is also popular as Behance. Dribble is having monthly visitors of around 17 Million on October 2022.

There are plenty of other portfolio options that you can use.

How do I use the Fiverr portfolio?

Depending upon which one you choose, you must have work samples to upload. Without having samples you cannot make a stunning portfolio. First practice your skill, do some projects for free, and save the feedback and your work for the portfolio.

Can I upload my portfolio on Fiverr?

Yes, you can upload different portfolios on Fiverr whether a video, PDF or gig images.

If you have any other means like a website, you can mention all the information in the PDF you upload. You can also use PDF to offer more description as you know it has an almost 1200-word limit.

how to add a portfolio to Fiverr?

Simply gather everything you have about your work, make a PDF of it and upload it. As Fiverr does not allow sharing links directly.

Which one is the best among all of these types

In my opinion, Fiverr’s PDF option is great to show many samples and work to your clients. PDF has the ability to showcase a lot of data. So use this option wisely and completely.

How to add a portfolio sample on Fiverr

You can shorten the URL and add it to the description. The best way I would suggest is to make a proper PDF document and add all your links and credentials to it.

Where do I make a portfolio? 

If you have your work samples, then there are tons of ways you can make your portfolio. The easiest and beginner friendly is;

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. PowerPoint
  3. Canva

There are tons of other ways like if you know photoshop, you will have a lot of customization options.

Can I share Behance’s portfolio on Fiverr?

Yes, you can shorten your link and add it to the description or add it to the images or the document option.

Why is a Portfolio Important?

The portfolio is like someone speaking and explaining on your behalf. It completely makes the buyer or the client see your expertise level and what they’re going to get when they hire your service.

There are the following reasons a portfolio is important.

  • Your skills, knowledge, projects, and experiences can be displayed in a more personal and creative manner.
  • Portfolios are a tool for discovering one’s own strengths and increasing one’s self-confidence.
  • It is a multidisciplinary approach to organizing your accomplishments, goals, and aspirations. You can use it to show employers who you are
  • It’s a good tool to use in an interview. It proves to the employer that you have the skills and abilities for the job.
  • Bonuses, scholarships, grants, promotions, and raises can be negotiated with it. You can get educational credit for prior work or learning experiences in a portfolio.

What to Include in a Portfolio

Let’s talk about what to add to the portfolio.


Your professional Portfolio should contain further documents that aid in your credibility as a professional entrepreneur. These documents are your CV, Diplomas, awards, your certificates, and anything that showcases your achievement.

Summary Page

Not everyone is fond of reading the entire portfolio or description neither they have enough time for it. Your portfolio should have a Summarized version of your portfolio, especially your skills so that they can skim through your work. You can add impressive projects, statistics, how you ranked or scaled a client and many other important things could be added in the summary.

Work Samples

Work samples are the most important component of your portfolio. A picture is worth a thousand words. We will think this way. After looking at the samples, the buyer or the client will be confident enough to take a decision whether you have the skill he/she is looking for or you don’t have their taste.

This will help you save your time and your client’s time, and this is a professional approach to persuading a potential client. Your work sample will answer their questions.

Interchangeable Formatting

You must have done different work or have different samples, according to different criteria and industries. Your work should be flexible so that you could be able to make different portfolios or separate portfolios for different work based on your Goal.

Other than that you can include;

  • Letters of reference 
  • Resume or Vitae 
  •  Lists of accomplishments
  •  Samples of work (e.g., items produced on internship or co-op experiences, class projects, items produced from the previous job) 
  • Memos and/or reports (optional) 
  • Designs and Photographs (optional) 
  • Transcripts 
  • Licenses or Certifications 
  • Evidence of specific skills (e.g., writing, graphic design, public speaking, leadership, event management) 


Having a well-created and designed professional portfolio is beneficial for any freelancer. Consider your goals and design a portfolio that supports your goal. 

Have a portfolio website that is the most professional approach. You can also learn how to rank your fiverr gig with amazing tips.

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