How to Create a Gig On Fiverr and Earn Money 2022— Best Step-by-Step Guide (With Images)

How to Create a Gig On Fiverr and Earn Money 2022— A Step-by-Step Guide (With Images)

How to Create a Gig On Fiverr and Earn Money 2022— A Step-by-Step Guide (With Images)

Let’s learn how to create your best first Gig on Fiverr in 2022. Our detailed guide will show you how to make the best converting Fiverr Gig in 2022 by following this simple, easy step-by-step tutorial with images.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers, and those who want to buy services beautifully done by great experts in that niche. Fiverr is easy and user-friendly so that beginners can easily find what they are looking for.

It’s is a free platform having no Sign-Up fees. When you sign up with Fiverr using your Google account or any other available, you have the option to become a Buyer or Seller if you want to be a freelancer.

According to Similar Web, Fiverr had 59.10 million visitors in December 2021, which means that many buyers will be there. Let’s take 20% of the whole searches are buyers. It means that a great potential for freelancers who want to sell their services and earn is waiting.

According to Fiverr, a gig (freelance Service) is bought every 3 seconds. So, for beginners who never met a client before? Fiverr is the best and easy place to start.

The great thing about Fiverr is that no Sign-up fees and no usage fees. Just platform fee for freelancers when they complete a successful order Fiverr deducts 20% platform fee which is their right because they provide you with a client without spending a single penny on the advertisement.

You have to optimize your Gig so that it ranks in the Fiverr marketplace so you can get a good amount of customers. has detailed articles about how you can make a Good Description and a perfect Gig image.

Before starting selling on Fiverr, a Freelancer needs a Seller profile. In that profile, the seller must have “Fiverr Gigs,” which explains your service, how much you will offer, and how long it will take to complete the order. Every detail will be mentioned in the gig description and Gig packages.

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Outline of Detailed Step-By-Step tutorial on How to make a Gig on Fiverr.

Q: What is a gig in Fiverr?

Q: How to Create a gig on Fiverr in 2022

  1. On your Fiverr homepage, click on Profile Icon and then on profile.
  2. Thump on create a new gig button.
  3. Create a catchy Gig title, select category, meta tags, and SEO title.
  4. Set your gig pricing.
  5. Write a detailed Gig Description and FAQs.
  6. Enter your Gig Requirements.
  7. Add Perfect photos or a video to your Gig.
  8. Publish your Gig.
  9. Share on Social media.

What is a Gig on Fiverr?

A Store is called Gig on Fiverr, a digital marketplace commonly used to describe the service you want to sell on Fiverr. It contains all the details of what the customer will get and what you will offer them for a specific price.

It is an opportunity to display your unique talent and inform the buyers why you are the best fit for this job. You are truly capable of completing the service within the deadline provided, and how you are competent for the job and best among the others.

It is important to cater to your Gig very well. The reason is that you had never met your clients before neither they meet you, so the only way to make them understand well about you and your service is your Fiverr Gig.

That’s why you need to put a lot of details into the gig creation.

How to Create a gig on Fiverr?

Making a Gig on Fiverr is very easy. Although fiver has both iOS and Android apps available in the market, gig creation needs a computer or a laptop because Gig creation needs a lot of things. It is very easy on a computer or laptop as compared to Mobile.

The mobile apps do not have a built-in feature to create gigs on Fiverr, so you need to log in to a Fiverr account if you have created one before. You can also sign up for Fiverr using a Facebook Gmail or Apple account.

Step #1: On your Fiverr homepage, Go to Profile Icon and then to profile.

Step #1 On your Fiverr homepage, Go to Profile Icon and then to profile
Step #1: On your Fiverr homepage, Go to Profile Icon and then to profile

After Sign Up, you will have a screen like this, and you will have a buyer account. Click on selling if you are new and fill in the details. If you have already made a seller account, click on switch to selling and go to your profile.


 Step #2: Click on create a new gig
Step #2: Click on create a new gig

When you made to the profile. Click on CREATE A NEW GIG.

Step #3: Create a Gig title, select category, Meta tags, and SEO

Step #3 Create a Gig title, select category, Meta tags, and SEO
Step #3: Create a Gig title, select category, Meta tags, and SEO

Gig Title: Your gig title is the 1 sentence-long description of what service you are offering. Title length is less than or equal to 80 characters. Having a catchy, attractive Gig title is a time-consuming task for a beginner. Still, you can take a rough idea from the other sellers in the same category you are working on.

Be sure your title is unique, attractive, SEO friendly, and long tail, which will be discussed in detail in SEO for Gig creation. Be sure to avoid crowded markets within a category and choose a keyword wisely.

Category: Fiverr has a wide range of freelance services showcased in the categories to choose from. First, it defines the main Category like Writing and Translation, and within that category, several subcategories are defined. The main categories are Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyle, and Trending.

Make sure you know the perfect category you will choose in your Gig, whether it fits what you are offering. It cannot be modified after the Gig creation. It can be changed within the Gig, but overall, it cannot be changed for your profile.

After choosing the main category, you will be asked to select from a subcategory within that main category according to your service.

Search Tag: Search Tags are the most important factor in ranking your Gig on Fiverr, and most of the part is played on the SEO side. Tags are the keywords; your profile will show up when people search for that keyword. Fiverr allows picking 5 tags, each tag under 20 characters. These are the keywords that buyers will search on the Fiverr search box to get the best Gigs according to the search.

Still, Confused about Gig title ideas? Fiverr is loaded with gigs in which you’re going to make your Gig, so pick one that has many orders and reviews.

SEO: Option for SEO appears when the Gig is completely created. You can find the SEO option by editing your Gig, and under your title, you will find SEO.

SEO of the Gig is under title
Click Here to Set SEO

Step #4: Set your Gig Pricing

Basic Pricing Layout with one package
Basic Pricing Layout with one package

For the first time, you will have a single package enabled, which you can offer between 5$ to 10000$. It is highly recommended that you allow all 3 packages for a better service-providing experience. Hence, the buyer has many options to choose from.

Step #4 Set your Gig Pricing
Step #4: Set your Gig Pricing


You have 3 Packages to choose from. You can name them whatever you want.

Basic Plan: In basic, you can select the least amount of work in fewer days and lesser price like mentioned in the image.

For example, You will create 1 ad campaign in 1 day and manage it for 2 days, but the delivery time will be 1 day, and you will charge 15$. This is a basic package.

Standard Plan: In standard, you can provide more number of campaigns and more management days for a higher price than the basic package.

For example, You will have 3 campaigns in 4 days and delivery time will be 4 days, and the buyer has to pay 45$ for the standard package.

Premium: Plan In premium, you can offer as I will manager your Ads manager for the whole week, and you will create Multiple Ad campaigns.

For Example, You will create multiple campaigns as needed and delivery time will be 7 days, and the price will be 110$.

This is just an example. You can set your own prices according to the value you provide and the experience you have.

Step #5: Write a detailed GIG Description and FAQs

Step 5 Write a detailed GIG Description and FAQs
Step #5: Write a detailed GIG Description and FAQs

Gig description is the second most important ingredient of your Gig. A description provides a brief detail about you, your experience, the skill you offer, what the buyer will get, why you are best in the market, and how you value the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to make an FAQ section, it will help them answer the questions when you will not be available.

So it’s wise to put in the best effort while making the gig description. Here is how you can create the best Fiverr gig description.

Step #6: Enter Your Gig Requirements

This is the most important, and understanding part is gig requirements. This section asks the buyer what you want or need to proceed with the work.

This section can contain different Questions, Free text, which you are going to set while creating the Gig.

You can ask for any attachments or simple answers.

Step #6 Enter Your Gig Requirements
Step #6: Enter Your Gig Requirements

Step #7: Add 3 photos or a video to your Gig or PDF (You can add all of them)

The first and most important part of any gig is the Gig Visuals, which means the Gig image (it could be a thumbnail, video, PDFs). Fiverr allows you to put 3 Gig images in your profile. A video you can add and 2 PDF documents.

Here is a complete guide about how to make the best Fiverr gig image in 2022.

Step #7 Add 3 photos or a video to your Gig or PDF
Step #7: Add 3 photos or a video to your Gig or PDF

Step #8: Publish your Gig

After choosing the perfect gig images, now your one clicks away to Publish your Gig and make It live on Fiverr.

Step #8: Publish your Gig
Step #8: Publish your Gig

The buyer in that category will see your Gig if they visit the page your Gig is ranking.

Gig Ranking is an important aspect of Fiverr, and It takes time to show up on the first page even if you made your Gig perfectly. Your Gig will take at least 1 or 2 weeks to rank depending upon the category and competition and the number of sellers you have in the category.

Step #9: Share On Social Media

It’s time to share your new gig on social media and get potential clients. The best practice is to post on your portfolio and social media profiles. This will create your authority and people will know more about you and the service you offer.

What not to do is, share your gig in groups where people are not matching to your niche. Do not share in local groups. Instead, share in freelancing groups where people often post their work and they need a freelancer.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups, communities, WhatsApp groups, and telegram groups.

The best way to showcase is to make a profile on Linkedin which is a professional place where can connect with similar people.


Creating a Gig on Fiverr takes no more than 10 minutes or less, but creating an effective, optimized, and SEO-friendly Gig takes time and a lot of research. There are tons of videos and tutorials posted on Google about SEO optimizing the Gig.

I suggest you do some research first, check the competition, change the keywords, add modifiers to it. Definitely, you will find a good category and keyword on which you can rank fast.

Please share this article if you like and spread the information with other freelancers out there who just want to start. This will help you as well.

Thank You for reading, and Happy Freelancing.

Also, read what is a buyer request and how you can send it in 2022.

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