Best Fiverr Gig Image Templates & Tutorial to Build your Gig Gallery 2022

Fiverr Gig Image Templates & Tutorial to Build Your Gig Gallery

Best Fiverr Gig Image Templates & Tutorial to Build Your Gig Gallery



Fiverr is a Freelance Platform connecting freelancers with clients. And that happens when a client search for the services like 3D Animation or Facebook Marketing, and tons of GIGS comes in front. Still, the question is how the client gets attracted to any GIG?

Basically, it is the simple nature of the human to choose what looks better than others; isn’t it true for you?

Yes, it must be valid for all humans, so let’s get back to the topic: why should a client choose you when thousands of others provide the same services as you?

The answer is Quality and Professionalism, and these features can be added to your GIG by Visualization. You have to display something good, something worthy to click on 

So with that, another question arises how you will visualize something to attract the client.

The answer is clear obviously by GIG images or videos. Here, we will teach you how to create a video or Image for your GIG without spending a single penny. So let’s get started:

Fiverr promotes good quality of the gigs and the main things are images and videos that you are using in your GIG.

Also, the buyer chooses the person with good looking gig; no one will buy from a person who can’t even manage the GIG quality.

This article will provide you best ways to attract your client by enhancing your GIG Quality. We will also discuss creating a professional GIG image for your GIG.

7 Things to Follow While Creating Fiver Gig Images and Videos in 2022

Use the Best Image Size for Your Gig Image

best fiver gig image size-minimum
best fiver gig image size-minimum

Firstly, you should know the best size of the Image you should use in the Fiverr GIG?

Fiverr recommend the pixel size of 550×370 px for the GIG image and video but is it displaying Good Quality?

No, basically, it shows the typical basic Image or video quality which is not that good when you check it later.

So the Good Quality GIG image and video Sizes are 1100*740 and 1650*1110. You can use 1100*740 for the videos because if you use more than that, that might lead to a problem of Uploading size for a video better to use the recommended one for the video. You can use both of the sizes for Fiverr GIG images.

best fiverr gig image size
best fiverr gig image size

And the Fiverr image size must be 1100*740 and 1650*1110. These sizes will enhance the display Quality on the Fiverr GIG, and your GIG will stand separate from your competitor’s GIG. So better to use a larger size image than the customarily recommended size GIG image, which is:

Do not use Excessive or Repetitive Text in your Fiverr Gig Image or Video

Don't use excessive text
Don’t use excessive text

While designing an Image or Video, you must keep that in mind that you must keep less text on the Image and Video and do not overwrite the Image and video because it makes a terrible impression on your client and Fiverr.

So, it is not good to use excessive text because it is not promoted by Fiverr. Remember that less is more and only provides valuable information to the client. Besides that, it is unprofessional to use colorful tests and weird fonts in the Image or video. Keep the color and font as simple as possible.

Do not Fully Copy your Competitor Image or Video Style

Don't copy your competitors
Don’t copy your competitors

Keep that in mind you don’t ever steal or copy your competitor’s Image or video and use it as your own it is against the policies of Fiverr, and your Fiverr profile can be blocked and disabled permanently. Or Copying or Stealing will also decrease the ranking of your profile. You must create your Image or video uniquely and professionally to keep your profile safe from such threats.

Do not use Clickbait and False Offering Images or Video

If you try to mislead your client or display a false offering, that may lead to failure. And most of the clients are professionals, and they don’t fall for this kind of trick, and it puts a bad impression on the client, and clients usually skip that kind of GIGS. It might be good for the beginning, but it will not last long if you are trying to establish a Fiverr Profile.

No Irrelevant Images

no irrelevant images
No irrelevant images

Your GIG image and video must be related to the service you are providing. It should not be irrelevant, and your Image or videos must describe the services you are providing. It can reduce the chances of getting an order because it will have a bad impact on the client.

Do not use any Badges on your Fiverr Profile

dont use badges
Don’t Use badges

Fiverr does not allow a seller to use any badges or logos on the profile. It’s against Fiverr policies to use logos or badges on the profile better to go with your personal Image and avoid using the badges and logos on the GIG image or video.

Do not use Flashy Images on the FIVERR GIG

dont use flashy gig image
Don’t use flashy gig image

Try to keep your GIG image or video simple to display professionalism, and Fiverr also promotes simplicity. And clients also like simple and clear images.


A Catchy Fiverr GIG Image must show Originality, Uniqueness, Simplicity, and Reality factor.

You can induce all of these factors in the Fiverr GIG images in the following ways;

  • Create a simple test Fiverr GIG image or video with a plain background 
  • Use your real Image in the gig with text
  • Use work samples with text explaining your services
  • Illustrations with Text

Create a Simple Test Fiverr GIG Image or Video with Plain Background

Canva custom resolution and Simple Background
Canva custom resolution and Simple Background

You can go to and create a design with the recommended images size or video sizes and create a project.

After creating a design, you can select the Image, and you can select the background color as you want to make sure that the design is simple.

background color in canva
Background-color in canva

After selection, you can add a heading text from the text section and write about your services like this.

And that looks much more professional than the useless flashy images. If you want to create a video, then click on the animation tab and add animation to your text.

Simple Text Template for fiverr gig image
Simple Text Template for Fiverr gig image

And add a new tab or duplicate the current tab on the top of the Image and add other text, and so on.

From there, you can create an animation video as well as GIG images.

more animation options
more animation options

Use your Real Image in the Gig with Text

use your real image
use your real image

You can also add your own Image in the Design by importing the image and placing it in the Design like

You can make it in any shape by using the frames of any shape. You make it like that as I used a round frame, and you can also convert it into a video.

Use Work Samples with Text Explaining your Services

work samples for fiverr gig image
work samples for fiverr gig image

You can add the screenshot of your results in your Fiverr GIG images and also can be displayed in the animation videos with the descriptions like

Illustrations with Text

Illustrations or Infographics
Illustrations or Infographics

You can also create illustrations and add the text on the image to describe the services you are providing. And that looks good and is a professional way to use illustrations but keep it simple.

Conclusion Note

Designing a Fiverr Gig image is an essential and most important part while creating your Gig. It is something that defines you as a service on Fiverr.

People first see your Gig image or Gig video, and by the attraction of it, it depends how your image converts them to see your Description, then Gig packages, and more.

So pay the most attention while creating your first Gig image and do well research.

You can have multiple variants of images like the design would be the same but the color scheme changed. Color is the important ingredient while making the Fiverr Gig image.

Learn more about the Fiverr Gig image.

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