Enlightmenow is a blog aimed at helping people with their queries and questions about their desired fields and wanting to have specific knowledge about their questions. The Goal of Enlightmenow is to provide them with the best, complete, and gathered knowledge about a specific Querry. The mission is to cover every field of Life, which is a huge milestone in itself but it is the dream of the man behind the making of EMN. This is a short about us. Keep going.

Shahzada Muhammad Ali Qureshi

Hi, I am Muhammad, from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and I am the founder of Enlightmenow. I have a dream of making a platform where I provide detailed information on How a Student should Live their early years in so good a way that when they reach to Higher education level, they should know about the side hustles from which they can earn money, and that is commonly asked on the internet. Stay with us and keep reading.

Muhammad | author EMN

Educational Background

I have done Software Engineering here in Pakistan, which is my favorite field but the most favorite hobby I like is writing about something which can help my people. I want to be the one who is always satisfied.

What are we going to cover on Enlightmenow?

I have the ambition to make EMN the best learning community all across the world. We are going to cover every field of life gradually, from birth to death and all the events that happen in this journey, so you are invited to be a part of EMN. I am going to mention some of the niches which we currently working on, and I will add the rest with the passage of time.


Freelancing is something that caught much attention in recent years. Every student and adult wants to be a Freelancer aka his/her own Boss, because of the advantages of freelancing. In freelancing, you have a skill and you have to sell it to international clients for some bucks and the amount can be up to thousands of Dollars for a single project. I can talk about freelancing all day. Check our Freelancing category.


You cannot sell something until you have it. That’s the same with skill. Skill is something which you can sell and earn your living. A popular way to sell your skill from your home is freelancing. From Teaching to selling, everyone doing a job is having a particular skill.


Information is something which has been my favorite all the time. The best way to make money is by selling information. I would say second best. Everyone on Youtube as an instructor, or being a Blogger like me is selling information in the form of different mediums like Courses, Blogs, Podcasts, etc. There are tons of ways to sell information.

Make Money

How to make money? This question hits every mind when someone wants to stay connected with the world. To fulfill your needs and wishes, you need money. And you need to know the ways of how to make money? This is a trending topic all over the world because the number 1 aim is to get money.


Technology is booming day by day, and the world is adopting every new technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence), and many more. Technology is a favorite topic among most people. Everyone wants to know what is the update and how can I upgrade myself. The world is in a race and this race is being controlled by technology.

What’s coming next after these Topics? Well, we are constantly working on providing maximum information in these areas. But soon we will be available with new topics. If you want something to be added, please let us know by contacting us. You can contact us on our social media handles. Just search for Enlightmenow, and you will find our handles.

Good luck for you Life.