11 Best SEO Strategies to Improve Fiverr Gig Ranking

11 Ways to improve your Fiverr GIG Ranking in 2022

Starting working from scratch on Fiverr is a frustrating experience.

No matter which niche you are working on, you will always find hundreds to thousands of competitors. 

In the beginning, your GIG will not be seen in hundreds of pages, which will definitely turn you down. Follow these 11 SEO strategies to improve Fiverr Gig ranking.

Still, you cannot expect minimal efforts on GIG listing to result in a huge success with all the competition on Fiverr.

Taking your GIG to the first page and tons of impressions and clicks is nowhere near impossible.

However, certain proven methods will optimize your GIG’s performance and ranking in the list.

What is SEO? How can Fiverr GIG SEO tips improve Fiverr GIG Ranking and performance?

Improve Fiverr Gig Ranking
what is seo

SEO or Search Engine Optimization utilizes many of the tools available in your Fiverr GIG for getting a higher ranking in Search engine result pages also known as SERPs. 

Google uses the Algorithm that checks multiple factors to rank a website or blog like Keywords usage, Keyword volume, Backlinks to rank the website among other competitors.

Fiverr uses the identical Algorithm to sort the GIG lists. It means that if your GIG’s title is attractive, good keywords are used, and use backlinks. 

The other website will be listed higher than the GIG with no attractive keywords and no backlinks.

You might have seen it is a common thing to find an attractive GIG with tons of orders and higher-level accounts a few pages back.

You might be thinking, what went wrong with that GIG?

This has been true over the past few years. Fiverr has made a shuffling system to promote the new sellers every month, the GIGs get shuffled, and someone else comes to your place instead, and your GIG is nowhere to be seen.

According to Fiverr, the GIGs appearing on the first two pages have much higher chances of getting orders, and the only way to take your GIG to the top 2 pages is SEO. 

In this article, we will be showing you the best possible SEO Tips you can to improve your Fiverr GIG impressions and Clicks organically, and how you can improve the SEO of Fiverr GIGs with internal SEO.


Keyword Research on FIverr
Keyword Research on Fiverr

If you heard about SEO, you must have heard about the “Keywords” it’s very common and frequently used during SEO.

Search Engines like Fiverr rely on Keywords from the user to direct them to the accurate and desired results.

If your Fiverr does not contain the words that your clients are searching to get the services you provide, then you can forget to get hired by that client because you will not appear on that specific word/Keyword in the list.

There are multiple ways you can do Keyword research. You can check and observe keywords used in your competitor’s Fiverr GIG that is performing well.

And performing the same searches as your clients will make to get to you. Also, you need to pick the Keyword with high volume and lesser difficulty.

If the difficulty is more serious, it will reduce your chances of ranking on the first page because on that Keyword; the competition will be higher; the too few gigs on some keywords may also indicate a smaller search volume, which is not what we are looking for. 

I have found that the good volume for the Keyword must be between a few hundred to a couple of thousands; these keywords with similar properties will be ideal to use in your Fiverr GIG.

Keyword Consistency:

Keyword Consistency
Keyword Consistency

There is another thing you need to keep in mind while optimizing the Fiverr GIG, and that is the consistent use of Keywords versus VS Comprehensive use of Keywords.

That means in your GIG title and description, you should have enough service-relevant keywords to enlist you in as many related searches as possible.

But the use of too many different keywords causes the frequency of every Keyword to drop. That will lower your ranking in the result searches using every Keyword.

Using too many keywords will also reduce the Quality of your GIG by filling it with tons of keywords and making it a mess.

Attractive URL:

Attractive URL
Attractive URL

When you create a GIG title on the spot, Fiverr generates a custom URL for your listing by use of your GIG title. A key benefit of this feature is that if your title is descriptive, so are the links to your GIGs.

But the standards for the creation of Webpage URLs are different than those for writing a Good GIG title. Generally, the path of the webpage will be Keyword heavy and less focused on grammar.

A scan of the URL should give you a good idea about what you will see in the link; it must not be loaded with tons of keywords. You must keep your Keyword as Simple as possible.

Fiverr do not allow you to choose your own URL, but you can add the desired URL title in the Title section and publish it once to create your own URL, and after that, you can immediately change the title to the main title you selected without losing this benefit and with that your URL will be optimized.

Attractive Titles:

Attractive Titiles
Attractive Titles

Fiverr GIG title contains your main Keywords that help maximize the number of searches in which you will be listed. Even if GIG is top listed, a senseless title won’t drive sales. Your title is the primary thing your client will see. As Fiverr suggests, the title should be short and simple yet descriptive, and also the correct grammar should be used during title making and must sound professional.

Something like “I will be your Graphic designer, youtube Facebook Instagram and digital marketing” your title must be like “I will design an eye-catching intro for your channel.”

Tags and Description:

Fiverr GIG Description is a great tool to describe your services as well as it allows you to utilize Keywords in an informational and organized way.

Fiverr Gig Description
Fiverr Gig Description

This is where you can convince your client to buy your services. It is the second most important part of the Fiverr GIG other than the title. Strong keyword Descriptions will help you a lot to rank on the Top pages.

Fiverr Gig Tags
Fiverr Gig Tags

Tags are basically the Keywords you can provide for your GIG to be searched for, and make sure you choose the right keywords, and it must be accurate because entering tags is also a part of SEO that can boom your GIG. Tags play a smaller role in the GIG, but tags must be utilized accurately to get to the top of the ranking.


Gig Pricing
Gig Pricing

Basically, it is unclear how it affects GIG ranking, but your service price should make sense.

Pick a competitor having the same Level Status on Fiverr, compare and set the accurate pricing for your services, and you can slightly increase your Price.

If you are providing more than your competitor, it could be any different, whether it is Quality or Quantity. Your Price must justify your services.

Delivery Time:

GIg Delivery Time
GIg Delivery Time

Fiverr is a platform where clients expect a fast outcome. So as a beginner, you should aim to complete the work on time and more accurately.

This will build trust with your client. Try to do same-day delivery. It is highly appreciated to complete work ASAP. It also helps in the next tip, “Staying Online.”

Staying Online:

Stay Online 24/7
Stay Online 24/7

Fiverr is not really forgiving in case of undelivered orders. As Fiverr is a platform for millions of users so you must keep yourself seen by Fiverr to be counted as an Active user, not the one who logs in once a month.

It matters a lot because Fiverr is focused on High-Quality Service Providing, so it’s evaluating each and every seller and their Active status. Also, if you are providing same-day delivery so you must stay active to be on time.

Utilizing FAQs:

utilize FAQs
utilize FAQs

FAQs are more likely to be used for answering all the misconceptions about YES, NO, WHAT, and HOW.

A Digital Marketer, Rizwan Qadir, goes as far as to assert that you should have 10 or more Questions in your FAQ’s list to facilitate the Clients or the Customers.

Image Optimization:

image optimization
image optimization

Most people think the image has no impact on GIG’s performance, but that is not the truth. Your image must contain Your Primary Keywords and other graphics explaining your services.

It must also be SEO with th proper care and Fiverr recommendation because Fiverr GIG Image and GIG Title is the first thing the client sees, so it must be attractive and appealing.

GIG Video Optimization:

video optimization
video optimization

Videos are better explainers than normal images, so if you are using the videos as a title video on your Fiverr GIG, you must keep these things in mind that your video is of good quality, not overloaded with text.

Keep it simple it will give your client a little overview of your services and must include the Primary Keyword, you can also use your portfolio if you have results from the previous works.

The Perfect Gig Example

Here is a Logo Designing Gig which is working and meets all the criteria above. Have a look and take inspiration and ideas.

Final Conclusion: 

As we all know, Fiverr is challenging, but it is also a rewarding platform for beginners to advance level service providers. And this article is for sharing the knowledge about how you can make Fiverr Rewarding for you. It also tells about what to do and what not to do on Fiverr.

You can use all these 11 Ways to get more Impressions and clicks within a week with SEO, and you can provide any digital service that you have learned. From beginning to the end, you will need SEO for using Fiverr.

In this article, we show you the best possible way how you can Increase GIG performance.

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